Every organization has something we may call “operating expenses.” Ours include items like basic utilities, maintenance of properties, bank fees, administrative travel, audit fees, postage, printing, participation in church conventions and conferences, and more – expenses that make the organization “go.” Expenses like these amounted to $383,783 last year; I project a slight decrease in the coming year to $380,000. We have sometimes used Estate Funds to pay for some of these operating expenses, such … [Continue Reading]


Lutheran 101: The First Thing to Say…

If you know anything at all about the World Mission Prayer League, you may know that we are a Lutheran missionary community. Many of you are devout Lutherans, too: you will be pleased, I should think. Others, however, will be mystified. “Lutheran” means so very many things, nowadays. What kind of Lutheran are we talking about? Over the next few months I hope to unpack, a little, this widely used, sometimes abused moniker. What does … [Continue Reading]


A Pair of Financial Decisions

Upon recommendation of our Finance Committee, the Home Council has recently made a couple of changes regarding the Mission’s finances. I thought that you might like to hear about them. The first pertains to missionary allowances. The Council reviews target allowance every year. They consider a few different factors, the most important of which is the opinion of our missionaries themselves. A survey of missionary opinions revealed that current allowance levels seem about right. That … [Continue Reading]


Commissioned to Christ’s Cause

Over the last few months, we have re-introduced the Handbook that stands at the heart of our missionary community. We have recently arrived at the final chapter, and are nearing the document’s concluding paragraphs. This final chapter is all about Jesus. Jesus stands at the heart of God’s mission in the world. God accomplishes his expansive, gracious, redemptive purposes for the world… through Jesus. Our role, as it turns out, is a “commissioned” role. If … [Continue Reading]

Our fellow workers side by side in Ecuador.

Striving Side by Side for the Gospel

Our Mission Handbook is full of community-oriented language and images. It takes its lead in this regard from the New Testament. We began our life together nearly a century ago as “a band… joined together in prayer” (¶6). We were “a prayer league of supporting friends” called together in world mission (¶8). We still are. New Testament disciples were a band as well, joined together in common service to their most uncommon Lord. They were … [Continue Reading]