November Milepost: Passing the Baton…

Over the past few months, we have marked a series of important historical milestones… • the 80th anniversary of those heady days in which we created the South American Mission Prayer League; • the 150th anniversary of the famous “Ebenezer … (read more)

August Milepost: The Narrative Comes Home

Over the past few months, we have described a series of historical “mileposts” marking our journey as a missionary community through the years. This month takes us to Bible camp along the shores of Lake Independence, just west of the … (read more)

April Milepost: Hans Nielsen Hauge

Over the next few months, I hope to describe a handful of “mileposts” in the history of the World Mission Prayer League. Mileposts are useful in times of transition, such as we have before us in our own little community. … (read more)

East Chain Revival

As told to Honor H., WMPL Communications Intern Every so often, we encounter stories that revive our deadening spirits and remind us that the fire of the Holy Spirit is roaring just as vibrantly today as it was in the … (read more)

Now What … ?

This month we reach the conclusion of our 75th anniversary year celebration. We have outlined eight decades of our mission history over the course of the last twelve months. So now what? Deeper We must go deeper.  Spiritual maturity is … (read more)

The Wrong Question

May I be perfectly frank? Sometimes I wonder what, precisely, we have accomplished in seventy-five years. We have prayed many prayers, it is true. We have sent many hundreds of missionaries. We have received the donations of faithful sisters and … (read more)

Hunky Dory Diary – 1972

June had come and again it was time for the Mission Camp at Hunky Dory. After a six-hour trip my daughter, my sister and I arrived at the camp on Sunday afternoon. It was a thrill when we turned into … (read more)

Learning to Lean

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.” — Proverbs 3:5 “You’ll have to learn to LEAN, if you’re going to stay in this country,” Paul Lindell remarked to me on our second day in … (read more)