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The entire Christian life is about getting involved. God in heaven gets involved with his wonderful (and fallen) creation. Jesus gets involved in making things right. People get involved in the heaven-remade life that Jesus alone makes possible. And then Jesus’ followers carry on. They, themselves, become involved in sharing His life with the world. That’s where you come in. That’s where you belong. We are glad that you are here. Will you join us?

We aim … to equip the church and its members for involvement in the mission of god, directly and in creative partnerships around the world. We hope to catalyze wider missionary vision, deeper missionary surrender, greater and more adventurous missionary service everywhere. – Handbook, 164

Become a Praying Member

We invite you to become a member of our praying community.

Interested? Find out more about WMPL membership.

I’m A Praying Member … Now What?

Welcome to membership with World Mission Prayer League! Now, where do we go from here? Membership with the Prayer League is more than a word, a title, or a status. Indeed, it is a challenge - a call to action, obedience, and commissioned living. It is an opportunity to join intentionally, with believers present and past, in the work God continues to do throughout our world. What does your commitment to praying membership look like, in practice?

The following roadmap is intended simply as a guide on your way toward deeper involvement with the Prayer League and, more so, the greater mission of God in this world. It is not an exhaustive list of involvement opportunities. Nor is it a checklist of chores and tasks to be done. It is, simply, our hands reaching to yours, that we might walk alongside one another in this faith work. Above all, remember Jesus. May He be your Guide now and every day. Our prayers are with all in the harvest fields.


Pray Now

We are a praying "league", a community of men and women who are committed to prayer as a key methodology for advancing the Gospel of Christ. Prayer is the working method of our mission. (Handbook, 18)

Please, join us in praying for the work of the Gospel in our world. Visit the Pray Now site, where you can view current prayer requests from fellow workers and other WMPL praying members, download praying resources, such as Together in Prayer and the Prayer Directory, and access other prayer resources. What are you waiting for? Pray Now.

Serve Now

The World Mission Prayer League partners with organizations throughout the world. You can partner, too. Interested in serving with the Prayer League? Check out our service opportunities or complete the service inquiry.

We believe that God has called all Christians everywhere to involvement in his mission in the world. Each one has a role to play. Through its Personnel and Regional Offices, the Prayer League seeks to help its members to hear that call and to discover their place of maximum participation.

- Handbook, 71

Congregational Partnership

Congregational partnership is an opportunity to join in the mission of God through the work of World Mission Prayer League. Benefits of partnership include practical help and guidance in prayer, missionary speakers for your church or small group, dynamic literature for use in your fellowship, and opportunities for accountable financial participation in project and missionary support. Simply complete this membership request for congregational partnership.


The mission of God belongs to the people of God. Our resource page will provide you with tools for your involvement in the mission. Learn about praying. Learn about living as commissioned disciples of Jesus. Additional resources and publications are available in the Member Area for signed-in members.


The Mission firmly believes that the promises of God in the Scriptures and his faithfulness are sufficient grounds for obeying his call to missionary service, and for trusting him to be with his own and supply all their needs. Interested in giving? Have questions about giving? Find out more here

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