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Questions About Praying

Do you pray with regularity?

Yes, indeed we do. Every day of the week, we pray at our offices in Minneapolis and Camrose. Every week of the year, we pray here and there in small groups. From time to time throughout the year, we gather in larger groups, too, to hear report of God's activity around the world, and join Him in pursuing it through prayer.

What difference does praying make?

Thanks for asking. We have many ways of answering this question (e.g. anecdotally, theologically, ethically) and that's best done face to face or over the phone -- just ring us during office hours at 1-612-871-6843. Meanwhile, our Mission Handbook offers a few of implications to chew on...

  1. Since God gives our resources in answer to prayer, we will not solicit human beings. We envision mutual accountability as we hold one another to this common commitment.
  2. Since God gives our resources, we will continue to treat them "as from the hand of God" – honoring financial designations explicitly.
  3. We will treat our personnel "as from the hand of God" as well – respecting insofar as possible each individual calling within our overall work and fellowship. (Par. 19, a-c)

Why do you pray?

On the one hand, we read that Jesus commanded his followers to pray: this seems a good place to begin. And then, we have come to believe that prayer changes things. We have seen its fruit with our own eyes. We believe that God invites us to join him in the transformation of the world by the power of his grace through partnership in prayer.

How can I join you in prayer?

Many thousands have joined the team by becoming praying members of our community. Members receive a monthly guide to stimulate and guide their prayers, suitable for individual use or in a small group. Members are also granted access to additional online prayer resources. You may sign up online, right here.

What about my congregation? Can the congregation itself become a member?

Entire congregations have affliated within our community as congregational members. We are happy to provide them with additional copies of our monthly prayer guide, and other printed and electronic materials that they may find useful. Congregations can sign up here.

What are the benefits of membership?

Here are a few...

    1. Band together with like minded friends from around the world...
    2. Work and pray together for the transformation of the world, by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    3. Explore possibilities for cross-cultural service with the Prayer League.
    4. Receive our monthly newsletter, "Together in Prayer."
    5. Receive our occasional magazine, "Fellow Workers."
    6. Members are also eligible to vote for our Home Council, the governing board of our community.

What if I have another question?

If you don't find an answer to your question here we invite you to ask a new one. Call us at 1.612.871.6843, email, or complete the online contact form.

When you commit to membership, you pledge yourself, by the help of God, to pray for the advance of the Kingdom of Christ around the world and for its advance through the community of the World Mission Prayer League.

As a member, you will begin receiving our monthly newsletter, Together in Prayer, which highlights stories from the harvest fields and provides you with current prayer requests of our fellow workers.

Due to security concerns, all membership registrations must first be approved. You will be notified when your member request has been processed.

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