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And he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.
Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.

– Luke 10:2

Recent Prayers

  • Julia L.
    Pray for Jesus to be seen as the reason for the Christmas season. I have seen thousands of displays of Christmas decorations in a variety of stores and find very little evidence of Jesus. It took a concentrated effort by myself and my sisters to locate anything pertaining to Jesus. You can find Barbie Christmas, Santa, snowmen, Transformers, Hello Kitty, etc but very little about Jesus. Pray for His presence to be known during this Advent season.

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  • Jake
    Pray for Joel at work in Congo until the end of November.

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  • DnA
    So, this is what Angi and I have come to call a 'push notification' within our circle of prayers. PUSH meaning Pray Until Something Happens... This is an invitation for you to PUSH with us. Today we are PUSHING with respect to our car license/registration documents. We have received incomplete documentation... and so we pray that the correct paperwork would be expedited to us and that God, the ever wakeful watchman would have His eye on all the couriership required to make this happen in a timely way, for we know that this car is simply a 'vehicle' enabling us to be better givers and sowers of the good Word. Thanks also to our PUSH team.

    Continue prayers from MN. How have things been progressing?

    Praying with you every day. I like the acronym PUSH. That is prayer that perseveres.

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  • Jake
    Pray for the global response to the Ebola crisis.

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  • sthorson
    The big Hindu festival of Dasai is coming up this next week. Uncounted animals will be sacrificed on the big day with their blood spurting onto idols. Pray for the believers to be strong and yet still love their families during this time.

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Why the Three-Self Patriotic Movement in China?

I was recently asked if there is a uniquely “Chinese” theology & practice. James E. Plueddeman served as the SIM international director for many years and taught at Wheaton. On page 56 of his book, Leading Across Cultures, he writes: Contextualizing theology is impossible without the development of leaders. Over a hundred and fifty years ago Rufus Anderson and Henry Venn proposed that mature churches are characterized as self-propagating, self-supporting and self-governing. The late professor ... [Continue Reading]

Not Just Another Empty Promise

As I fold/crumple up our tent with the missing tent poles in the rain, splash about competing against the broken remote arming system of our car while trying to keep my down duvet dry and then finally climb in under the open sun roof only to find it won’t start, because I was charging my iPad so that I could write something to you. That happened, I take another deep breath and wonder to myself, ... [Continue Reading]
St. Luke's Flag & Dr. William

St. Luke’s CORE Final Report

Dear Friends of St. Luke’s, Here is the final report of St. Luke’s CORE in Adjumani, Uganda. The report covers our nine months of work. We are now going forward with the work of the Lord in Nimule and Bor. Final Report of St. Luke’s Core (PDF – 3.6MB) Matthew Riak & Family
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The Angel Appearing to the Shepherds by Thomas Cole.

Telling the Story

When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child, and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them. (Luke 2:17,18, NIV) There are a few experiences in our lives that we cannot help but share with others. When I lived in southern California, earthquakes were like that. Each time there was an earthquake we all shared our “earthquake experience” with everyone ... [Continue Reading]
Come Thou Long-Expected Jesus


The Incarnation is so very many things. There are so many other things, of course, that it is not. The Incarnation, in particular, is about God become a human being – and not the other way around. The Incarnation is about the Son of God pouring himself out, taking on human flesh, assuming the form of a servant and becoming obedient unto death (Philippians 2:5-11). It is about the Word made flesh come now to ... [Continue Reading]

One in One Hundred

Here is yet another way we get our callings wrong. We think them rare, or heroic, or extraordinary. We think them exceptional, somehow unique, almost beyond belief. Like winning the lottery, maybe. Or coming down with an unusual, life-changing disease. Yet if we think missionary callings extraordinary, we have misunderstood the callings of God. You are called by God into the mission of God in the world. So am I. “If anyone is in Christ, ... [Continue Reading]
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Highlighted Opportunities

Primary Teachers

Teach at small Learning Centers set up to educate the children of international workers with a Christian INGO in Central Asia.

Location: Central Asia
Start Date: 08/01/2014
Duration: Long-Term, Short-Term
Partner/Project Website

Interested? Pray. Inquire.

Foreign Language Coffee House Volunteer

Opportunities to interact with young adults seeking to improve their English Language skills in a coffee house style business. Engage in conversational English with customers whose first language is not English.

Location: East Asia
Start Date: Immediately
Duration: Long-term & Short-term: 3 month (without visa renewal). Other opportunities for longer service available with specific visas or renewal of tourist visa.
Requirements/Preferences: Minimum Certification in ESL desired.
Good skills and proficiency in English and English grammar necessary.
Partner/Project: Coffee House & Foreign Language Club

Interested? Pray. Inquire.

Teaching and Administrative Staff at Hebron School

Staff who work at Hebron School do so out of a sense of Christian calling and service.  The school provides remuneration at local Indian rates, as well as full board and accommodation.  Hebron staff have a high degree of job satisfaction and a strong appreciation for the School's aims and purpose.

Location: India
Start Date: Immediately
Duration: Long-term & Short-term
Requirements/Preferences: Preferred applicants will hold the following skills, qualifications and attributes:

  • Committed, practicing Christians
  • Fluent in English
  • Suitably qualified - degree plus education diploma/certificate (preferred)
  • Prior experience of A level / IGCSE or comparable curriculum
  • Willing to serve on local Indian salaries
  • Willing to participate fully in the life of a busy boarding school (including extra-curricular activities and Dorm Parenting or support)

Partner/Project:Hebron School

Interested? Pray. Inquire.


A variety of teaching positions in China
-Elementary Teachers of: Music, Art and various grade levels
-Early Childhood educator
-Curriculum Developer

Location: East Asia
Start Date: 08/01/2014
Duration: Long-Term, Short-Term
Partner/Project LDiEducation
Partner/Project Website http://www.LDiEducation.org

Interested? Pray. Inquire.

Finance Director

CFO of an international NGO in Central Asia.

Start Date: Immediate
Duration: Long-term: 4 years
Requirements/Preferences: For details or further information, please contact Shelly Scott

Interested? Pray. Inquire.

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