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Skrefsrud QuotationThe World Mission Prayer League is a Lutheran community committed to know Christ, pray for the advance of His kingdom, share the gospel and ourselves with those who do not know Him, and encourage Christians everywhere in this global task. Prayer is our working method. We embrace a rich heritage that flows from the passionate witness of Christians faithful to the call of Jesus.  Our ministry realizes the vision of Ernest Weinhardt to bring the Good News into the heart of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  The World Mission Prayer League consists of some 6,000 committed and praying members.  WMPL has over 100 missionaries in 20+ countries.

“We must have it as our aim to bring the gospel to the very last man. Wherever there are people who have not heard the gospel, to them we must go, no matter how few in number they may be.” — Ernest Weinhardt, WMPL Founder

Let us join you in your call to carry out the commission of Christ. What’s your next step?

REcent Prayers

  • Jake
    Pray for the global response to the Ebola crisis.

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  • sthorson
    The big Hindu festival of Dasai is coming up this next week. Uncounted animals will be sacrificed on the big day with their blood spurting onto idols. Pray for the believers to be strong and yet still love their families during this time.

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  • Julia L.
    Kenyan Evangelist Daudi still needs prayer for complete healing following a motorcycle accident -- he ran into an elephant while on the way home from preaching. He was one of the evangelists in Merille during the recent medical/dental clinics held there. Keep him in prayer! Thanks.

    Praying for Evangelist Daudi that he might completely recover for God’s glory and the extension of His Kingdom.

    How is evangelist Daudi doing in recent days?

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  • Christian Vestergaard
    Give thanks for the first half of the fall semester. We have three school days, including one with parent-teacher meetings left before our fall break. Pray for good rest over the holidays and for fellow teacher April L returning from the US and Canada.

    Christian, we do thank God with you and pray that fall break offers rest and rejuvenation for all staff and teachers. And, may God keep watch over April upon her return.

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  • Jake
    We praise the Lord for scraping, painting, plumbing, masonry work, and clean-up deftly executed this summer by King of Glory (LCMS) in Elgin, Il. Their efforts extend the stewardship of our old but still serviceable coach house which serves as long-term housing for US-based staff and temporary housing for missionaries on home assignment.

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Back in China & One Hour Sermons

I just returned to my home in China and attended church for the first time in three months. As usual, the sermon was over one hour long. The speaker, a lay leader in the church, preaches once a month. He started with the parable of the talents (Matt. 25), then went on to start a character study of six servants seen in the gospels: the woman who washed Jesus’s feet (Luke 7) who shows by her ... [Continue Reading]
Paul Lindell's My Utmost for His Highest

Lindell’s Utmost

The wonder and beauty of a bookshelf is that it houses such a great number of mysterious portals to worlds unknown and times not lived. This past weekend, while pacing the basement hall of the mission home in order to pacify Simeon, I glimpsed a title tucked away on a corner shelf – My Utmost for His Highest. This book has, for many years, awakened my spiritual senses, and challenged me to consider the state of my relationship ... [Continue Reading]

Poverty and Hope

Most of my time is spent in the relative protected environment that is LAMB. Though we are here to ‘serve God by serving the poorest of the poor,’ the poorest are often far away. It may be that God has changed the situation for the ones who live near LAMB, a scarier scenario is that they do not have access to our services. Whenever I travel, often from the capital Dhaka to LAMB, the poor ... [Continue Reading]
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Darjeeling Hills Bible School, 1961

Darjeeling Hills Bible School: Sixty Years in Ministry!

Darjeeling Hills Bible School & Seminary develops Christian Leaders in the Nepali speaking world. This past February marked 60 years of ministry. In this year of their Diamond Jubilee, the General Board gives thanks to God for His faithfulness and will host a grand celebration with honored graduates on November 27-29, 2014. Below is our contribution to their souvenir publication. Written by Pastor Charles Lindquist, Director, World Mission Prayer League. Darjeeling Hills Bible School has reached ... [Continue Reading]
Old Worn Bible

Getting Our Callings Right (Again) …

There are so many ways to get missionary callings wrong. One of the most common, as I mentioned last month, is to suppose that we are called to go some­where and to do some thing, first of all. Well, no, we are not. We are called to Someone, first of all. Only then do we discover some place to serve and some concrete thing to do. Another common misconception is that specific places and activities ... [Continue Reading]

Gift Card Breakage

I recently read that a well-known restaurant chain reported $1.7 million in earnings for one year, from gift cards that were purchased but never used. The financial report referred to this as “gift card breakage.” That was amazing to me. Nearly two million dollars were given to the company for food – food never requested and never received. What a waste of money! But it was only money. The free gift of God is tragically wasted, too, often enough. It can be wasted in ... [Continue Reading]
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Highlighted Opportunities

Kingdom Builder

Some countries in Latin America are developing leaders and there is an opportunity to join them in kingdom building by coaching and mentoring them.

Location: Bolivia, Peru
Start Date: Anytime in 2013
Duration: Long-term & Short-term: Minimum of one year; but longer preferred
Requirements/Preferences: The person needs to have educational background and experience in kingdom building and team development and be open to travel with frequency.  Spanish is required, but can be learned after arriving.

Interested? Pray. Inquire.

Allied Health Specialist (Physio/OT) at LAMB – Bangladesh

For the hospital and rehabilitation center, to train existing staff and to provide direct care to inpatients and outpatients. Special focus is on disabled children.

Location: Bangladesh
Start Date: 07/17/2014
Duration: Long-Term, Short-Term
Partner/Project LAMB Project
Partner/Project Website http://www.lambproject.org

Interested? Pray. Inquire.

Teacher / Leadership Developer – Mexico

We need Lutheran educators and theologians to partner with a Bible Institute in order to equip leaders for disciple making and church planting

Location: Mexico
Start Date: ASAP
Duration: Long-term
Requirements/Preferences: The educator needs to have educational background and experience on teaching, disciple making and leadership development
Partner/Project: AALM-Alianza Apostólica Luterana Mexicana

Interested? Pray. Inquire.

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