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Skrefsrud QuotationThe World Mission Prayer League is a Lutheran community committed to know Christ, pray for the advance of His kingdom, share the gospel and ourselves with those who do not know Him, and encourage Christians everywhere in this global task. Prayer is our working method. We embrace a rich heritage that flows from the passionate witness of Christians faithful to the call of Jesus.  Our ministry realizes the vision of Ernest Weinhardt to bring the Good News into the heart of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  The World Mission Prayer League consists of some 6,000 committed and praying members.  WMPL has over 100 missionaries in 20+ countries.

“We must have it as our aim to bring the gospel to the very last man. Wherever there are people who have not heard the gospel, to them we must go, no matter how few in number they may be.” – Ernest Weinhardt, WMPL Founder

Let us join you in your call to carry out the commission of Christ. What’s your next step?

REcent Prayers

  • Didi and Serafina
    We been tested by the enemy just to put our faith down. God blessed us in March 2012 with a used car that we used for over two years. Now the situation is worse because every two weeks the vehicule present problems for repair and its burning our budget. We are so tied reparing it. The work we do need personal transportation and also for the security reason. Please pray that may God strenghten our faith and give us wisdom of what to do next.

    Lord, we ask that you might guide and provide for your servants in this situation.

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  • Rebecca Lackey
    This Sunday Hindus in India will be celebrating a festival called Ganesh Chaturthi. This festival honors Lord Ganesh, the symbol of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. May the people of India turn from their idols and find life in the one true, living God.

    Reveal Yourself, Lord – make Yourself known. May Your Spirit move into the hearts of Hindus, that they would come to know You as the One True God.

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  • Rebecca Lackey
    Pray for wisdom as I lead a Bible study for students in the dorms on Sunday nights. We will be studying the book of Ruth, Pray that students will have a hunger for God's Word!

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  • Darcy
    Praying for a peaceful and positive resolution to the protests in Pakistan.

    Lord, may Your presence reign in the nation of Pakistan and in the hearts of the people. Usher in Your peace!

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  • Jake
    Pray for participants at the World Mission Weekend Sept 20-21 at Calvary Lutheran Church in Post Falls, ID and featured speaker Leslie Urie.

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Highlighted Opportunities

Teachers for EFL (English as a Foreign Language)

To teach high level English using the New Headway series.

LOCATION: With an INGO in Central Asia

LENGTH OF SERVICE: One year or more

QUALIFICATIONS: Must hold a degree and a TESOL (or equivalent) certificate

Location: Central Asia
Start Date: 07/30/2014
Duration: Long-Term
Partner/Project Website

Interested? Pray. Inquire.

English Teacher

Teach English as a second language at local colleges and universities. Committed individual willing to teach English with excellence and engage students in appropriate encouraging relationships. Be willing to engage internationals.

START DATE: Commensurate with school year
DURATION: Short-Term (contracts run per school year)
TESL certification required. Housing usually provided by educational institution.

Interested? Pray. Inquire.

Finance Advisor in UMN – Nepal

Finance Advisor to work alongside our Nepali professionals to ensure that sound financial practices are implemented to properly manage the funds entrusted to us. A strong financial background, preferably with accountancy is required and experience in the not-for-profit sector would be an advantage.

Location: Nepal
Start Date: ASAP
Duration: Long-Term
Partner/Project United Mission to Nepal
Partner/Project Website http://www.umn.org.np

Interested? Pray. Inquire.

Primary Teachers

Teach at small Learning Centers set up to educate the children of international workers with a Christian INGO in Central Asia.

Location: Central Asia
Start Date: 08/01/2014
Duration: Long-Term, Short-Term
Partner/Project Website

Interested? Pray. Inquire.

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