Planned Giving

Day-to-day giving to the World Mission Prayer League has remained pretty consistent over the years with steady but modest increases along the way. Donations come from congregations and individuals all across the country. Some give once per year, others quarterly or monthly – and some even every week. We are certain that significant hours of prayer accompany these regular gifts. These regular gifts and regular prayers are absolutely essential to our ministry.

In addition to this regular giving, the Prayer League receives donations from the “final estate” of brothers and sisters who have gone on to their heavenly reward. Often enough, these are folks who have prayed and contributed to God’s global mission for years and have intentionally provisioned their estate so as to leave one last financial blessing.

Unlike day-to-day giving, estate gifts vary greatly from year to year. In a given year we may receive anywhere from several hundred thousand dollars to more than $1 million! These gifts afford us extra reach and the ability to fund special projects. Estate funds have been used to support Bible schools, summer camps, leadership development conferences, and to launch other projects and activities around the world. Some of our estate funds have been used for capital expenses related to our office in Minneapolis.

This Mission operates with the understanding that all gifts are God’s provision whether we receive them from generous donors who are on this side of heaven or the next. If you desire to remember the World Mission Prayer League with a bequest in your final estate, we hope that you’ll contact the friendly folks in our Minneapolis Business office. They are happy to assist you at any point along the way. Email them at or reach out to them at +1.612.871.6843 during regular business hours.