We Make It Our Ambition To Depend Upon God

The World Mission Prayer League Handbook states: The Mission’s finances are received, acknowledged, managed and disbursed in a manner consistent with our spiritual values and commitments. We might call it “the Prayer League way.” One practical implication of the Prayer League way is our policy of non-solicitation. We make it our ambition to depend on God in prayer for all things. This policy is based on Hudson Taylor’s fundamental faith conviction that “God’s person, doing … [Continue Reading]

Mission Musings From Mexico

What a privilege it was to gather with other faithful prayer partners of the World Mission Prayer League (WMPL) at our “Annual Celebration and Prayer for the Nations” on February 18, in Minneapolis. Now, just a few days later, I’m with another fine group of Jesus followers in Rosario, Sinaloa, Mexico, where the Alianza Apostólica Luterana Mexicana (AALM) is celebrating its 75th Anniversary. Different language, different food, different people, and a strikingly different setting, but … [Continue Reading]