Finding Directions When the Map Keeps Changing

…by the same Holy Spirit he also appoints some followers of Jesus to be leaders. He gifts and appoints them to carefully and prayerfully “consider” and discern matters, and then to give direction.

Glad To Be Part of the Team

Now that I have completed my first month in the office, it has been great to see how God meets our financial needs on a daily basis.

Central Asia: How Now Shall We Pray?

As you read this, perhaps some weeks later, the situation in Central Asia will have developed further, for better or for worse, but I’ve no doubt that the need for God’s intervention – and our intercession – will continue for a long time to come.

General And Support funds

What is the difference between the “General Fund” a “Support Fund” and a “Ministry Fund”? Theseare a few of the options available when a supporter wants to make a financial contribution to the work of the World Mission Prayer League. … (read more)

What the World Needs Now

What does the world need? Certainly food, water and shelter – but even more than that, the people of the world need Jesus, they need “the bread of life.”

“Fielding Costs”

Have you ever wondered what costs are associated with supporting WMPL workers, or felt called to support a worker but didn’t know who might still need additional support?

Serving the Master of Media

Media can stimulate your thinking, touch your heart, inspire your imagination. Media can change your life. It can change the world. And God is the Master of media. Coming from him, it can do amazing things!

What Should Our Attitude Be?

Our attitude is one of urgency. We are eager to put these funds to work to bring God’s Kingdom to those who have little or no access to the gospel.

He’s Not Finished Yet!

He was so passionate about you and me, so passionate about all those separated from God by their sin, that he finished the job! However, there remains an unfinished task on Jesus’ list.