What Are Fielding Costs

As described in our WMPL Operations Policy, commissioned workers live on allowances as the Lord provides instead of receiving a fixed salary. They also receive a modest benefits package. The total of allowance and benefits required to support these workers on a month-to-month basis is called “Fielding Costs.”

Fielding costs are determined by two main factors: the cost of living in the location where the commissioned worker serves and the size of the worker’s household. Donations designated to the worker’s support fund are used to cover these fielding cost expenses.

Allow me to give you an example on how the fielding cost works. Suppose that the allowance for a worker is set to $2,800 and their benefits package is an additional $2,600. The total monthly fielding cost for this worker is $5,400. If in a given month $4,000 are received as donations designated to the worker’s support fund, the first $2,600 of the $4,000 will be allocated to cover the worker’s benefits. The remaining $1,400 will go toward the worker’s allowance. In this case, designated support was not sufficient for full allowance and it is possible that the worker will receive a short allowance in proportion to funds available in the General Support Fund and General Fund. For this reason, full allowances are not guaranteed.

From time to time WMPL’s Board of Directors approves the use of Estate Funds to partially or fully supplement for short allowances. This was the case for two months of shortages last year.

Our Business Office has just finished making calculations for this year’s fielding costs for all our commissioned workers based on numbers from last year. If you would like to find out more, these fielding costs are available on our website wmpl.org under the tab Give > WMPL Workers.

We are pleased to report that all workers were able to receive full allowances and benefits in the month of February. Thank you for your generous giving and your partnership in prayer. There is much to be thankful for and much to continue praying for. Praise be to our Lord Jehovah-Jireh and faithful Father!


ALLOWANCE: Designated Support Funds:$42,849
General Support Fund:$27,499
BENEFITS: Designated Support Funds:$24,913
Transfer from Estate Fund:$6,937
Donations to Benefits Fund:$75
Number of full-time worker units:27
Worker Units with 100% allowance27
Minimum allowance provided:100%

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