The Mission firmly believes that the promises of God in the Scriptures and his faithfulness are sufficient grounds for obeying his call to missionary service, and for trusting him to be with his own and supply all their needs. “Let all men know your gentleness,” said St. Paul, “but let your requests and needs be made known to God.” And many years ago Hudson Taylor of the China Inland Mission expressed an attitude of faith which fits well the position of the Mission when he wrote, “God’s man, in God’s place, doing God’s work, in God’s way, will never lack God’s supply.” – Mission Handbook, 127

The Lord has faithfully funded our missionary endeavors through the generous donations of his people from the very beginning until today. Thank you for your partnership in this mission.

Tax-deductible donations are gladly received at: 232 Clifton Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403 USA. Make checks payable to WMPL with memo notating a designation for the donation.

Questions? View our giving FAQ or contact or +1-612-871-6843. Ask for Terry.

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