Time Passes: God’s Provision Remains

We thank the Lord for meeting our day-to-day needs through all the changing seasons and passing of time, and we thank you for your continued prayers and support.

God’s Sustenance

Month after month, year after year and decade after decade, the Lord has provided us with just enough to meet our financial needs.

In All Your Ways Acknowledge Him

Summer greetings from the Business Office! In my last article I referenced inflation and price increases. Since then, things have gotten a bit worse: inflation for the 12 months ending in May had been projected to come in at 8.3% … (read more)

The Mission Remains the Same

Our mission field may be in our own neighborhood, in a little village, or in a huge city halfway across the world. But no matter where it lies, the mission to share Christ’s love with everyone remains the same.

Good News: He Lives!

As we enjoy time outside in God’s creation, observing new life springing up around us, the newness can remind us to focus on God’s love for all peoples and the new life he wants them to have and us to share

All That God Has Provided

If the lowly animals do not complain about the weather, then who am I to complain? I can simply look to them and follow their lead, giving glory to God for his creation

Those Given a Trust

We practice good stewardship and look to wisely put the money to use, honoring your designated giving and then, after evaluating needs for current projects and programs, applying any additional funds accordingly.

From the Business Manager

Whether it is how we worship, spend time with our families or take vacation, we can all agree that our lives have changed. But one thing that never changes is God and his love for us.

The Great Gift: Jesus

As we enter the Christmas season, we are reminded about God’s great gift to us – Jesus. During Christmas, we give gifts to those that we love and care about.