Depending on Our Faithful God

Happy New Year, dear friends! Our Business Office has been busy with end-of-year tasks, processing December gifts, and closing our finances. Once all is completed, we will be able to produce clear reports regarding the Lord’s provision in 2023. We hope to share some of those numbers with you next month as an encouragement to praise God for the many ways He has blessed the Prayer League and for all the work that He has done through our organization.

Yearly reports and calculations help us review and analyze how funds and resources are received
and spent. In a way, we compare our income and expenses to help forecast, make appropriate estimations, and plan for the following year. However, we want to stay true to the financial principles of the Prayer League, especially regarding non-budgetary management. We do not want to limit God’s vision and reach based on limited budgets. We continue to fully depend on and trust in God’s provision and timing regarding all the needed resources to do the work that He places before us.

As we begin the new year, we continue implementing new ways to enable us to better steward and administer God’s resources while making financial decisions that reflect the mission and vision of the World Mission Prayer League and the Ends policies established by our Board of Directors.

Our leadership has recently established a Finance Management Committee comprised of key home staff. As stated in this committee’s charter:

“The primary function of the Finance Management Committee of the World Mission Prayer
League is to assist the Executive Director and Administrative Director in fulfilling their responsibility to ensure the following: (1) the integrity of WMPL’s financial statements and WMPL’s accounting and financial reporting practices and internal control systems; (2) compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and Executive Limitations; (3) the development and maintenance of a comprehensive risk assessment and risk management system; and (4) a forum for discussing and recommending financial management actions in line operations policies, board policies and executive limitations.”

As an important member of our fellowship and community, we thank you for your commitment to intentionally pray with us for the efforts and needs of the Prayer League. May God be glorified in all the work the Lord is calling us to do this new year!


ALLOWANCE: Designated Support Funds: $32,027
General Support Fund: $15,190
Transfer from General Fund$25,378
BENEFITS: Designated Support Funds: $20,558
Transfer from Estate Fund: $24,128
Donations to Benefits Fund: $115
Number of full-time worker units: 28
Worker Units with 100% allowance28
Minimum allowance provided: 100%

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