The Astonishing Miracle of the Incarnation

We are entering the last month of the year and the Advent Season and Christmas are upon us. What a joyful time for followers of Christ as we celebrate the astonishing and miraculous events of the Incarnation!

During Easter, we celebrate the redemptive events of the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus, the central focus in the doctrine and theology of the Christian Church. Easter marks the ultimate triumph of God when He defeated the darkness of sin, death and the enemy. It is understandable that Christians have a deep sense of rejoicing and amazement when celebrating a crucified Christ on Good Friday and an empty tomb on Easter Sunday.

However, I think sometimes we miss having the same deep sense of rejoicing and amazement at Christmas Day that we do at Easter. We miss being astonished at the day when God became a human being, when

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory
of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

John 1:14 NIV

The incarnation of our Lord firmly rooted the early Christian Church. Centuries later, Martin Luther himself reaffirmed these convictions in his writings about Christ:

He condescends to assume my flesh and blood, my body and soul. He does not become an angel or another magnificent creature; He becomes man. This is a token of God’s mercy to wretched human beings; the human heart cannot grasp or understand, let alone express it.1

The Good News of the miracle of the Incarnation is too great to be kept to ourselves. Moreover, the life-transforming and life-giving benefits of Jesus entering into our human condition and reconciling us with the Father once and for all are available to all humankind, nations, and peoples. What a privilege to be invited into the Kingdom of God and to be the vessels for His redemptive work in the world. Thank you for your partnership in this great task.

We are pleased to report that all workers were able to receive full allowances and benefits in the month of November. Thank you for your faithful and generous giving. Moreover, thank you for your faithful prayers for the Prayer League’s work. May we renew our sense of astonishment and joy at the miracle of the Incarnation this Christmas season.


ALLOWANCE: Designated Support Funds: $37,444
General Support Fund: $33,721
Transfer from General Fund$5,986
BENEFITS: Designated Support Funds: $31,581
Transfer from Estate Fund: $21,230
Donations to Benefits Fund: $75
Number of full-time worker units: 30
Worker Units with 100% allowance30
Minimum allowance provided: 100%

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