“Trust in the Lord, and Do Good” (Psalm 37:3)

A dictionary definition for a budget is the amount of money that is required for or assigned to a particular purpose. The Bible teaches us to be frugal and wise with our resources. It also teaches us to be good stewards of the resources that God has entrusted to us. How do we at the World Mission Prayer League perceive budgets? Allow me to quote from our WMPL Handbook:

It is our intention to accept new workers and send them into service without requiring money in sight to support them. We will step out in faith where we feel that God is prompting without checking that budgets permit it. There are so many things that may limit our horizons. We do not want money to be among them. (¶138)

This statement illustrates our principle of bold and uncompromising trust in God’s provision for every need our workers and ministries will have in the field. The Lord will supply for the work he himself is doing around the world. We do not need to limit the scope and vision the Lord has shared with us. We simply need to be obedient to his calling and trust that he will provide for everything just as he has provided for our salvation.

But is there a place in our organization for an expenditure tool or for an operational planning system that will ultimately help us be better stewards? We believe there is. Our recently formed Finance Management Committee is implementing a system to help us identify various categories of operational and programmatic costs based on
historical data.

At the program and operational level, this type of planning helps us improve our response to challenges, opportunities, and the Lord’s guidance. This is not financial management rooted in fear, leading to extreme control and self-protection. Instead, we see this approach as closely guided by the Holy Spirit, rooted in trust, discernment and obedient stewardship. We continue to have honest and transparent conversations and to pray about the finances of the World Mission Prayer League to help us keep our focus where it should be.

We praise the Lord for his provision for the month of February: we are pleased to report that all workers were able to receive full allowances and benefits. Thank you for your partnership and generous gifts towards the Lord’s calling for the World Mission Prayer League.


ALLOWANCE: Designated Support Funds:$40,493
General Support Fund:$26,429
Transfer from General Fund:$3,912
BENEFITS: Designated Support Funds:$36,415
Transfer from Estate Fund:$7,788
Donations to Benefits Fund:$75
Number of full-time worker units:26
Worker Units with 100% allowance26
Minimum allowance provided:100%

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