Those Given a Trust

We practice good stewardship and look to wisely put the money to use, honoring your designated giving and then, after evaluating needs for current projects and programs, applying any additional funds accordingly.

From the Business Manager

Whether it is how we worship, spend time with our families or take vacation, we can all agree that our lives have changed. But one thing that never changes is God and his love for us.

The Great Gift: Jesus

As we enter the Christmas season, we are reminded about God’s great gift to us – Jesus. During Christmas, we give gifts to those that we love and care about.

One Thing Has Not Changed

Seeing God provide for WMPL on a regular basis has been truly amazing. Through times of uncertainty and a global pandemic, God has provided.

Glad To Be Part of the Team

Now that I have completed my first month in the office, it has been great to see how God meets our financial needs on a daily basis.

General And Support funds

What is the difference between the “General Fund” a “Support Fund” and a “Ministry Fund”? Theseare a few of the options available when a supporter wants to make a financial contribution to the work of the World Mission Prayer League. … (read more)

“Fielding Costs”

Have you ever wondered what costs are associated with supporting WMPL workers, or felt called to support a worker but didn’t know who might still need additional support?

What Should Our Attitude Be?

Our attitude is one of urgency. We are eager to put these funds to work to bring God’s Kingdom to those who have little or no access to the gospel.

God’s Call to Serve

Greetings from Minneapolis. As I write this article, I am just finishing up my third week as the new Administrative Director of World Mission Prayer League. I would like to use a few lines