Gifts from the Hand of God

Happy New Year! It is a wonderful time to reflect on God’s faithfulness, mercy, and grace in our lives over the last year. One of the major highlights for us in the Business Office is seeing how our Lord continues to provide for our workers, projects, and ministry partners through the many faithful gifts from our supporters. We see these gifts coming from the very hand of God and we hope to use each gift for its intended purpose.

Our handbook paragraph (128) reminds us, “It is the Prayer League way to depend upon the provision of God with trusting intentionality.” And in paragraph (137) we note, “We do not feel it appropriate to limit our vision or curtail our activities on the basis of budgets, or estimates of pledged and calculated income.”

I am happy to report all of our workers were able to receive full support in the month of November. This was possible because the Board approved the use of Estate Funds to meet the shortfall we were facing from individual worker support funds and general support for our workers. Shortfalls in allowance have been experienced at different times in our past. Thankfully, we have not needed to administer short allowances in the last five years.

In the first quarter of 2023, our Finance Committee plans to take a day to pray together and study the financial data from the past five years. Our goal is to prayerfully seek answers from the Lord regarding how he desires us to faithfully steward the resources entrusted to us. We are in a season of seeing our donor base decline and need to continue to set our eyes on our Lord. The Lord has used times of shortages in our lives to draw us to him in full dependence, seek his guidance, and walk where he is leading. We do believe that to paraphrase Hudson Taylor, “God’s person doing God’s work, in God’s place and timing, will never lack for God’s supply.” Our Lord is indeed faithful!

Thank you for all of your generous support in the year 2022 and for your participation in the advancement of the Kingdom of God through your prayers. We are truly blessed and humbled to see God’s provision for our work and movement in the world through you!


ALLOWANCE: Designated Support:$36,528
General Support:$40,683
BENEFITS: Designated Support:$66,864
Transfer from Estate Fund:$9,799
Donations to Benefits Fund:$75
Number of full-time worker units:32
Minimum allowance provided:100%

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