Inflation or Not, the Message of the Cross Remains the Same

For those of us living in the north, it is hard to believe we have endured another season of rough low temperatures, the occasional challenging icy roads and the energizing snow shoveling. Now we look with anticipation to those April showers that bring May flowers. More importantly, we look forward to another Easter celebration! As one season ends, another begins. This is a necessary cycle that continues to occur every year.

Another cyclical event is inflation. We have been experiencing this real and challenging economic season for quite some time now. Experts say that inflation in the U.S. has not been higher in four decades and some predict that inflation will continue for a while longer before it begins to reverse.

But what is inflation? It is an increase in the prices of goods over time, which results in a decrease in the value of money. In simple words, during inflation, our money is worth less and we can buy fewer things with it. Therefore, we are paying more for the things we need, such as gas at the pump, eggs at the grocery store, electricity to warm up our homes and the interest rates on loans.

But while inflation and many things in our lives are cyclical, let us remember that God and his Kingdom are constant and unchanging. So, what does inflation mean for the gospel and missions?

The message of the gospel is the same in times of inflation and in times of deflation. The Kingdom of God and its advancement do not depend on a particular country’s economic situation or a political leader or party.

However, while the message of the Cross is unchanging, we ought to be willing to adapt to changing times without compromising Scripture. We ought to be attentive to God’s direction and purpose, which sometimes challenge us to selfevaluate and re-adjust our methods and ways of doing things. At other times it requires us to prioritize what matters the most for the Kingdom, to become better stewards while maintaining our unchanging biblical principles.

Economic indicators predict that this season of inflation will be staying with us for a little longer. While we continue to endure economic challenges, we can hold on to the unchanging faithfulness of our God and his unending love for us. We can enjoy the undeserving benefits that we have received through the death and victorious resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christ is risen! You know the response!


ALLOWANCE: Designated Support: $56,379
General Support: $30,881
BENEFITS: Designated Support: $35,981
Transfer from Estate/Redesignated Funds: $10,511
Donations to Benefits Fund: $175
Number of full-time worker units: 30
Minimum allowance provided: 100%

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