Stewarding the Lord’s Talents

In the aftermath of the pandemic, we can reflect on all the aspects of our lives that have been affected by this global crisis. We will find very few things that have been unaltered or unchanged. One particular area that has been extremely impacted by the pandemic is the stock market.

A few weeks ago, our financial and investment advisor shared with us that the market crash of March 2020 caused the stock market to fall 35 % in a period of only four weeks. This continues to have a real impact on the stock market today. Other than the catastrophic events of the Great Depression, the stock market has never experienced such a drastic fall in such short period of time.

The stock market and financial investing is, to a degree, new to me. The metrics, the terminology and the many various factors used to describe the current market, make forecasts and shape recommendations can be very complex and daunting.

That being said, we have individuals in our team that have a solid understanding of and foundation on these matters. Our Finance Committee recently re-established a unit called the Investment Subcommittee, comprised of key WMPL Board Members and Home Staff. The subcommittee’s main responsibility is to establish guidelines, methods
and investment criteria that will be observing the management of WMPL’s financial assets.

The first order of business for the Subcommittee was to review and update WMPL’s Investment Policy Statement, whose purpose is “to outline the general framework in which WMPL’s assets may be invested to help attain WMPL’s goals and objectives, while taking into account WMPL’s tolerance for investment risk and unique needs and preferences.”

They plan to meet with our investment and financial advisors at least quarterly to review our portfolio and make any necessary adjustments to it. While acknowledging God is the owner of everything we have been entrusted and blessed with, we also aim to be good stewards and managers of what belongs to Him. One way to do that is by seeking trusted advice that can help us make wise investment choices.

We are reminded of the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30, where Jesus teaches us to be good stewards of God’s possessions, for he has entrusted us with His resources, each according to our abilities. While our Lord invites us to be part of the efforts for the advancement of his Kingdom, he also reminds us that he will return one day and will want to see what we have done with what is his.

As we steward God’s resources, may he be glorified!


ALLOWANCE: Designated Support:$46,655
General Support: $35,500
BENEFITS: Designated Support:$39,309
Transfer from Estate Fund:$50,000
Donations to Benefits Fund: $75
Number of full-time worker units: 34
Minimum allowance provided: 100%

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