It feels as though we are always transitioning. Seasons change, and while we may enjoy our current temperatures, in the back of our minds we know that they will soon decrease. We are aware that the weather is changing, leaves exchanging their greens for yellows, oranges and reds, with the cool fall winds beginning to blow. The change is inevitable.

Similarly, in our lives, whether we are starting a new school year, beginning a new job or ministry, or moving to a different place, we are always experiencing transitions. Perhaps the saying “change is the only constant” is true. It could also be said that as believers, we are living our lives here on earth for change, inviting the Holy Spirit’s transformation of our lives, that we would become more like Christ here and now while preparing for our future and permanent home with our Lord in Heaven.

Transitions are not easy as they always imply change, and our human nature doesn’t always welcome change! Moreover, it’s seldom easy to commit ourselves to change the way we have been doing things for a long time. Our Business Office is currently experiencing a season of transition.

We are self-examining and evaluating the way we function, how we conduct our processes and practices. We’ll also examine policies we have in place. Some of these were established a while back. Others were put into place recently. We anticipate change, not for change’s sake, but where it is necessary and for the good of the organization.

Thankfully, we can hold on to the unchanging and constant promise of the grace of our Lord Jesus in our lives. He has provided all of us, and the World Mission Prayer League in particular, with a clear vision and mission – a mission that does not depend on our own abilities or understanding, nor on a particular person, program or strategy, but a mission that depends only on the direction and redeeming power of Jesus Christ.

We invite you to join in prayer with our Business Office during this transition as we consider new ways that will enable us to be even better stewards, administering God’s resources while giving God all the glory.

GOD’S PROVISION – August 2022

ALLOWANCE: Designated Support:$41,309
General Support:$39,136
BENEFITS: Designated Support:$18,012
Transfer from Estate Fund:$32,902
Donations to Benefits Fund:$75
Number of full-time worker units:34
Minimum allowance provided:100%

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