It Was the Lord!

This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.

Psalm 118:23 ESV

Have you ever been challenged, encouraged, and moved by someone you never met? In my almost three years at WMPL, I have been encouraged, challenged, and moved by many I have never met, by many I will never meet this side of heaven.

I have recently attended a few funerals, some WMPL related and others not. Funerals give us a chance to reflect on our own faith journey, our own private lives. One of the most memorable funerals was that of dear Marge Erickson, a WMPL missionary and soldier for Christ. In her 102 years of life on this earth, she was known for many things. Her saying, “It was the Lord,” is what has stuck with me. She served God faithfully and gave God the credit: in everything, it was the Lord!

As we serve with the Prayer League, both in the Home Office and on the field, we can faithfully attest that it is indeed the Lord. It is the Lord who calls each one of us to follow him. It is the Lord who saves us from our sins, and sustains us daily. It is the Lord who fills us with the Holy Spirit. It is the Lord who leads us to our places of service and opens and closes doors to those fields when the time is right. It is the Lord who helps us when learning new languages to serve where he has called us. It is the Lord who shows us who to talk to and gives us the words. It is the Lord who touches hearts, prompts, and provides through generous donors. It is the Lord who meets all our daily needs. It is the Lord who carries us daily, just as he carried Marge Erickson through 29 years in Bolivia, 6 years in the Home Office, and a total of 102 years here on earth!

Allowances were short in April and many workers received 80% of their targeted allowance. It is never easy for those who process payroll or those who receive short allowances. We trust that it is the Lord who provides and is also the One who stretches what has been given.

May you be encouraged today as you seek the Lord, trust him, and cry out to him: it is the Lord who is faithful and will carry you through. It is the Lord indeed!


ALLOWANCE: Designated Support: $41,150
General Support: $0
Transfer from General Fund$11,053
Transfer from Estate/Redesignated Funds$15,903
BENEFITS: Designated Support: $35,494
Transfer from General Fund$0
Transfer from Estate/Redesignated Funds: $4,823
Donations to Benefits Fund: $75
Number of full-time worker units: 30
Worker Units with 100% allowance14
Worker Units with minimum allowance16
Minimum allowance provided: 80%

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