Why Do We Give at Christmas Time?

e give to show our gratitude, reverence, and affection for God. It is part of our worship to God, trusting him and depending on him for everything we are and have which, ultimately, belongs to him.

Have a “Mary” Christmas!

What if you decided to have a “Mary” Christmas, spending time “at the feet of Jesus” to take in what he wants to give, to hear what he wants to say? What if you put aside your “to-do” list for a while and considered the “I’ve-done-it-for-you” list of Jesus?

Evil Repurposed

God sometimes surprisingly repurposes sinners like you and me to be his servants, working in perhaps unexpected ways to spread his light into a dark world. You’ve been repurposed!

Stewarding the Lord’s Talents

Jesus teaches us to be good stewards of God’s possessions, for he has entrusted us with His resources, each according to our abilities.


Our Business Office is currently experiencing a season of transition. We are self-examining and evaluating the way we function, how we conduct our processes and practices.

No Little League

Our prayers matter, and so our “prayer league” matters. It’s a big thing! Don’t let it be little. Don’t let it be something less than God might want it to be.

Time Passes: God’s Provision Remains

We thank the Lord for meeting our day-to-day needs through all the changing seasons and passing of time, and we thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Where’s North

Are we first and foremost a sending agency that prays, or a praying fellowship that sends? From which of these do we establish our heading? Which one is our “north?”

God’s Sustenance

Month after month, year after year and decade after decade, the Lord has provided us with just enough to meet our financial needs.

Coming Down the Mountain

Believe it or not, on many a mountain, going up isn’t the hardest part. Often times, coming down requires far more determination and effort. And coming down, my friends, is what Jesus is calling us to do.