God’s Call to Serve

Greetings from Minneapolis. As I write this article, I am just finishing up my third week as the new Administrative Director of World Mission Prayer League. I would like to use a few lines

For What It’s Worth

Do we comprehend how much new life means to someone suffering, lost, victimized, or oppressed? To someone spiritually blind or without hope? Indeed, for many of them, new life is worth dying for!

2020 Financial Report

It is truly amazing to see how the Lord continues to provide for the World Mission Prayer League. This year I am happy to report that his provision included 100% allowances for all WMPL workers in 2020.

Pausing the Plows

We find a reassuring and even divine rhythm in praising Jesus “for all that is past,” and then trusting him “for all that’s to come.” Before “praying it forward,” we spent some time “praising it backward.”

Our Lord Has Answered!

Starting in March we will bring on a new Administrative Director who has a strong administrative gift set. I cannot even begin to express to you my excitement in this!

Listening to Our Samuels

Friends, let’s listen more to the Samuels among us! These young adults want us to hear their stories and thoughts and take them seriously.

Continue to Wait With Expectation

What a joy and peace we can walk in, knowing he is here in our midst, God with us! As I look back on the past year, I am reminded that God has already been faithful.

When Different Means More

All times require the same Good News, but different times call for different ways of getting that Good News out.

How Gifts Are Distributed

We desire to clearly share with you how we are using the funds that the Lord has entrusted to us through your generous gifts. So, here is the backstory of the numbers printed monthly in this article.