Praying for the “Impossible”

When we think something is “impossible,” we may not pray for it at all. I think it’s time to change that. God would remind us – as he does repeatedly in scripture – that for him there is nothing impossible. … (read more)

Answered Prayer

Praise the Lord! He has answered our prayers. Months ago, we asked you to join us in praying for someone with accounting abilities to join the Prayer League’s business office. Faced with my approaching retirement and Ann’s departure at the … (read more)

WMPL Allowances

One of the roles of the Prayer League’s Board of Directors is to establish allowance levels for our workers around the world. In the January issue of Together in Prayer our Executive Director reported that the Board had established a … (read more)

Why We Pray

Do you sometimes feel frustrated by prayer? As you know, at the Prayer League we pray a lot. We take the work of praying for Unreached People Groups very seriously. We study these groups to find out who they are. … (read more)

Pray for the “Pan” in Pandemic

In the last few months we’ve all become more familiar with the word “pandemic” than we ever imagined we would. And I’m sure we’d all be happy if the need for the word would now disappear. We know, however, that … (read more)

My Redeemer Lives

As I was watching the news on television, they cut to a public service announcement with a series of people, including some celebrities, claiming, “We are in this together.” It rang kind of hollow to me after watching a program … (read more)

Thankful In This Time

This is a time like no other. We are facing a crisis unlike anything we have known before. The global coronavirus pandemic has created severe hardships and perplexing challenges that leave us rightfully and gravely concerned. On a personal level … (read more)

So That We May Believe: A Story of Change

Clearly, not all change is good. The coronavirus outbreak that emerged in December quickly morphed into a global pandemic that has taken the lives of many thousands and threatens the lives of millions more. This crisis, unlike anything we have … (read more)

Applying What We Learn…

I like doing my own taxes. Now don’t get me wrong. I do not like paying taxes. Nor do I like wrestling with the almost infinite variety of forms the IRS has developed to force you to go and pay … (read more)