Food From Ravens

food-from-ravensIn the Scriptures, we read of many times when God commanded his people to tell of his deeds to their children and to succeeding generations, so that they do not forget and lose faith. These stories need to be shared, and here they are!

The 151 stories in Food from Ravens are the result of this admonition to God’s people. They are accounts of God’s working in the lives of WMPL missionaries over the years, and it is our heartfelt desire that they bless your life and help us all to see what a great God we have.

– Taken from the book’s preface by Jan Tollefson

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Food from Ravens is a virtual spiritual feast! Every page echoes the theme of God’s faithfulness. Some stories will make you smile, others will bring you to tears, many provoke chuckles and some will have you scratching your head. I’d recommend reading one story per day… a kind of spiritual vitamin. Overall it affirms: ‘Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you’ (1 Peter 5:7)!”

– Pat Lelvis, former WMPL missionary (Asia) and missions educator

Food from Ravens is a living testimony to how God powerfully reveals himself through our dedicated life with him in prayer. As we commit our self to God in prayer he guides our heart, our mind, our emotions and our hands to carry out his purpose and mission through us. Read Food from Ravens with anticipation and joy! God will make it a great blessing to you.”

– Eugene W. Bunkowske, former LCMS missionary (Africa) and missions educator

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