August Milepost: The Narrative Comes Home

Over the past few months, we have described a series of historical “mileposts” marking our journey as a missionary community through the years. This month takes us to Bible camp along the shores of Lake Independence, just west of the … (read more)

A cathedral's sanctuary

A Praying League With a World Mission …

You may have reasonably supposed that the World Mission Prayer League is an agency for the sending and support of missionaries. I hope that I will not disappoint you: we are not. Over the last few months we have worked … (read more)

A Week of Prayer for Unity

For more than a century, the Christian church around the world has dedicated a week in January to prayer for Christian unity. I have often participated myself. This year the effort seems especially relevant. Our own nation is as fractured … (read more)

Pray for Fellow Workers

“’Truly I tell you,’ Jesus said to them, ‘no one who has left home or wife or brothers or sisters or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God will fail to receive many times as much in this age, … (read more)

Commissioned to Pray

Can you picture it? A band of students, pastors and friends gathering together to pray for the nations. Imagine – young people sharing their lives, their hearts, and a passion for the lost. This is exactly how the World Mission … (read more)

Luther & friend praying at Melancthon’s bedside

Praying Twice

“How should I pray effectively?” asked Peter Beskendorf centuries ago. Peter was a friend of Martin Luther – the Great Reformer’s barber. Luther responded with a little booklet, published in 1535. “How one should pray,” he called it helpfully. Over … (read more)

Praying a “Garland of Four Strands”

Last month we introduced a little booklet written by Martin Luther for his friend and barber, Peter Beskendorf. The booklet is titled simply, How One Should Pray, for Master Peter the Barber. Luther presents prayer as a discipline – as … (read more)

A Mission to the World

Two months ago we considered our “league-ness.” Last month we examined our commitment to prayer. This month we will have a look at the mission that commands us into the world. We are the World Mission Prayer League – a … (read more)

A Community at Prayer

Last month, we described our “league-ness.” This month let us remind ourselves: the World Mission Prayer League is a community at prayer. I write to you from the backbone of the Andes, the high altiplano of Bolivia. I have been … (read more)

Persistence in Prayer!

I am learning something about persistence – and in particular, persistence in prayer. An interesting New Testament word stands behind the concept. Proskartereo may be translated “to persist,” or sometimes “to be devoted to” or “to focus on.” We find … (read more)