More about the Discipleship House


Who is the discipleship house for?

  • It is for those who are seeking to be an active participant in the work God is doing in the world. It is for those who are discerning God’s plan for them on a global scale. It is for those nearing the end of their studies or are finished and are ready to intentionally prepare to step into service.

What is the estimated start date and duration?

  • We will follow the school year, going semester by semester. At the beginning of each semester we can evaluate each participant’s start date. The Discipleship House schedule officially begins at the end of August. Community members once accepted are welcomed to move in at a prearranged time during the summer. Our time together will begin in September and last to the end of the scholastic year. 

What will the young adults learn? 

  • Group learning activities will include the following: group Bible studies, book studies, intercultural experiences, and conversations and workshops with seasoned workers. Other areas of growth include: Scriptural understanding, Spiritual Disciplines, global and cultural understandings, global realities from a Scriptural perspective,   

How many hours a week(about) will we be expected to be working/studying/or just present/etc. at wmpl/the house? 

  • 12 hours for full time students/workers and 20 for those who have part time commitments.

Who all will be living at the house besides the young adults? 

  •  Field workers on home staff or home assignment but mainly just the young adults. However there will be others involved in the community that do not live on the grounds. 

Will there be someone with a leadership/mentor role living in the house? 

  • Yes, Derrick and La Dauna Boulianne will be in a unique role as participants but also leaders. As for mentors we will have mentors within the organization paired with or available to participants. 

Where is the discipleship house located?

  • Minneapolis proper. Next to World Mission Prayer League.

What will be the weekly rhythm?

  • Daily prayer Monday-Friday 10am-11am
  • Monday 8am-11am: Teaching time and morning prayer
  • Monday 6pm-10pm: Community time and meal together
  • Tuesday 5:30pm-10pm: Challenge night (variety of community nights)
  • Wednesday 10am-11am: Bible Study
  • Friday 5:30pm-10pm: Family meals/Meals at the Mansion
  • Variety of other rhythms throughout the week: meeting with your mentor, engaging with community, serving in some capacity.

What makes this program unique? 

  • Our focus on World Mission, the unreached, engaging the culture around us while navigating what it means to follow Jesus and be a part of the mission of God makes us unique. We are focused on preparing holistically and intentionally for the ways in which God calls us to participate in His Global Mission.