November Milepost: Passing the Baton…

Over the past few months, we have marked a series of important historical milestones… • the 80th anniversary of those heady days in which we created the South American Mission Prayer League; • the 150th anniversary of the famous “Ebenezer … (read more)

October Milepost: Ninety-Five Theses

Organizations like ours don’t simply descend from the sky. We are immersed in a story larger than ourselves. We are threads in a larger fabric. We have “taken root downward,” to borrow an image from Isaiah, that we might “bear … (read more)

September Milepost: Ebenezer!

We all stand somewhere. Everything must rest on some­thing. This is true for people, projects, churches, nations – mission organizations, too. We stand upon foundations. Our milepost this month takes us to the very foundation of the World Mission Prayer … (read more)

August Milepost: The Narrative Comes Home

Over the past few months, we have described a series of historical “mileposts” marking our journey as a missionary community through the years. This month takes us to Bible camp along the shores of Lake Independence, just west of the … (read more)

July Milepost: W.M.P.L.

In July, we arrive at another milepost in the winding history of our missionary community. On July 7, 1945, the World Mission Prayer League was legally incorporated in the State of Minnesota. It may seem a small step, and I … (read more)

June Milepost: Briefing Course 2017!

Over the past few months, we have identified a handful of mileposts marking our journey as a missionary community through the years. In April, we marked the conversion of Hans Nielsen Hauge: Hauge came to faith on April 5, 1796. … (read more)

Lutheran Bible Institute, circa 1940

May Milepost: S.A.M.P.L.

Last month we identified an historical milepost from two hundred years ago: the conversion of Hans Nielsen Hauge of Norway, on April 5, 1796. A dynamic “Haugeaner” revival followed this singular conversion. Communities throughout the Norwegian countryside were convicted of … (read more)

April Milepost: Hans Nielsen Hauge

Over the next few months, I hope to describe a handful of “mileposts” in the history of the World Mission Prayer League. Mileposts are useful in times of transition, such as we have before us in our own little community. … (read more)

Transitions: Now What?

One of the clearest, most patently obvious features of effective transitions is that (eventually) they must get somewhere. Transitions that do not land their participants in some new reality at some point along the way are not “transitions” at all. … (read more)

Transitions: Resting…

Over the past few months, we have reflected together on the challenges implicit in transition. Life is full of transitions, we have said. How do we find our way through? We began our reflections with an emphasis on remembering. Successful … (read more)