November Milepost: Passing the Baton…

Over the past few months, we have marked a series of important historical milestones… • the 80th anniversary of those heady days in which we created the South American Mission Prayer League; • the 150th anniversary of the famous “Ebenezer Stone,” and the dawn of the Santal Mission; • the 500th anniversary of Luther’s wonderful theses, and the breakthrough that made us evangelical “sola-ists.” This month our milestone takes a very personal turn. Twenty years … [Continue Reading]

September Milepost: Ebenezer!

We all stand somewhere. Everything must rest on some­thing. This is true for people, projects, churches, nations – mission organizations, too. We stand upon foundations. Our milepost this month takes us to the very foundation of the World Mission Prayer League. There, it turns out, we find a stone. The stone was planted near a place called Benagaria, in the remote Santal Parganas of India, 160 miles northwest of Kolkata – 150 years ago, in … [Continue Reading]

August Milepost: The Narrative Comes Home

Over the past few months, we have described a series of historical “mileposts” marking our journey as a missionary community through the years. This month takes us to Bible camp along the shores of Lake Independence, just west of the Twin Cities, on a warm Friday afternoon in August, 1937. A lively prayer movement preceded the events of that afternoon – a movement birthed on the campus of the Lutheran Bible Institute of Minneapolis in … [Continue Reading]

July Milepost: W.M.P.L.

In July, we arrive at another milepost in the winding history of our missionary community. On July 7, 1945, the World Mission Prayer League was legally incorporated in the State of Minnesota. It may seem a small step, and I suppose that it was. “The transition was a quiet one,” comments Millie Tengbom.1 Yet much came together during that strategic summer. The development represented an intentional amalgamation of the varying strands running through our fellowship … [Continue Reading]

Lutheran Bible Institute, circa 1940

May Milepost: S.A.M.P.L.

Last month we identified an historical milepost from two hundred years ago: the conversion of Hans Nielsen Hauge of Norway, on April 5, 1796. A dynamic “Haugeaner” revival followed this singular conversion. Communities throughout the Norwegian countryside were convicted of sin, as Hauge had been, then energized by the wonderful gospel of Jesus. Faith was awakened. Hearts were transformed. And missionaries were sent! In the century that followed Hauge’s conversion – what Kenneth Scott Latourette … [Continue Reading]