Transitions: Provisioning…

Life is full of transitions: we have commented on the phenomenon over the past few months. We go to school. We graduate. We may marry and have children. Perhaps we will feel the call of God upon our lives. We … (read more)

Transitions: Horizoning our Story…

Let us return this month to the image of “horizoning.” (I made the word up; I hope that you get what I mean.) I mean lifting our eyes above the particularities of our daily challenges and circumstances, toward the sunrise. … (read more)

Transitions: Horizoning…

How do we find our way through the many and challenging passages of life? How do we successfully transition – from one phase of life to another, one place of service to some new setting, from things comfortable and familiar … (read more)

Transitions: Remembering Our Story…

In times of transition, as we have observed, one can sometimes go wistful in an unhelpful sort of way. We may hear ourselves say, “But in the good old days….” Or, “Well, back in the day….” Or maybe, “We just … (read more)

Transitions: Remembering

Life is full of transitions – some large-scale, some small. We are birthed. (What a transition!) We learn to crawl, and often then to walk. We may meet the Savior of the world – and come to have a role … (read more)

Lutheran 108: Other Stuff…

The World Mission Prayer League is a “Lutheran community in mission,” as you will have discovered by now (Handbook, 13). Over the past few months we have reviewed the basic tenets of this faith identity: we are saved only by … (read more)

Lutheran 107: Solus Christus!

Over the last few months we have revisited the faith convictions that stand at the heart of our believing community. They are “confessional” convictions. They are based in the inherited faith of the church of Jesus Christ throughout the centuries … (read more)

Lutheran 106: A Faith That Is Never Alone

We are saved by grace through faith: this wonderful confidence stands at the core of our Lutheran Confessions. Only grace. Only faith. Yet the faith that is “only”… is never alone. “Oh, it is a living, busy, active, mighty thing, … (read more)

Lutheran 105: Sola Fide

Last month we considered the irreducible core of our Lutheran Confessions: we are saved only, only by grace. But the Confessions say more than this. We are saved by grace – through faith. And only, only through faith. Here again … (read more)

Lutheran 104: Sola Gratia

Last month we introduced the first of four “solas” that beat at the heart of our faith tradition: we teach what we teach, preach what we preach, trust what we trust – because we find it assured in the Word of … (read more)