He’s Not Finished Yet!

He was so passionate about you and me, so passionate about all those separated from God by their sin, that he finished the job! However, there remains an unfinished task on Jesus’ list.

For What It’s Worth

Do we comprehend how much new life means to someone suffering, lost, victimized, or oppressed? To someone spiritually blind or without hope? Indeed, for many of them, new life is worth dying for!

Pausing the Plows

We find a reassuring and even divine rhythm in praising Jesus “for all that is past,” and then trusting him “for all that’s to come.” Before “praying it forward,” we spent some time “praising it backward.”

Listening to Our Samuels

Friends, let’s listen more to the Samuels among us! These young adults want us to hear their stories and thoughts and take them seriously.

When Different Means More

All times require the same Good News, but different times call for different ways of getting that Good News out.

Different, But the Same

I want us unashamedly to listen to and be led by those among them whom God has gifted to dream and to act. Indeed, they are different, and yet they are the same. That, my friends, is good, very good.

Listening to Our “Youngers”

Long ago a young boy sat down with some educated men of the city and conversed with them hours on end. He wasn’t supposed to be there, not just because of his age, but because his parents were traveling home … (read more)

What’s So Great About the Great Commission?

You might suppose that something truly great is also greatly known. Not necessarily. For some of us the “Great Commission” has always been “great stuff.” It has been an essential component of the gospel and is, in essence, shorthand for … (read more)

Praying for the “Impossible”

When we think something is “impossible,” we may not pray for it at all. I think it’s time to change that. God would remind us – as he does repeatedly in scripture – that for him there is nothing impossible. … (read more)