Where’s North

Are we first and foremost a sending agency that prays, or a praying fellowship that sends? From which of these do we establish our heading? Which one is our “north?”

Coming Down the Mountain

Believe it or not, on many a mountain, going up isn’t the hardest part. Often times, coming down requires far more determination and effort. And coming down, my friends, is what Jesus is calling us to do.

Holy Heartburn

Life with Jesus is much more than a heartwarming experience. God knows that he must do a fiery work within us, setting aflame within us his purifying truth, enlightening us to our Savior, and branding us forever as his children, with lives redeemed and hopes restored.

Going Up for the View

In the Bible, it seems God often sends people up to higher terrain in order to give them a different perspective on things, and not just on the scenery.

Overflowing hope in Tank

We have seen God’s hope overflowing from this truly unique Christian ministry into the largely non-Christian community that surrou

God’s Got This: Missio Dei and the Pandemic

The historical disruptions caused by the pandemic have provided us an unparalleled opportunity to experience afresh our deep dependency on God for the ways we engage in mission, and to realign our understandings and practices accordingly.

More Mangers Await

Looking at the manger, we see that Jesus came not with divine power and spectacle, nor by human plan or design, but in the lowliest and unlikeliest of earthly conditions, for the sake of those who were themselves lowly and lost sinners.