The Ends are In Sight

My dear friends, after nearly six years of serving as the Executive Director of the World Mission Prayer League, I can now say that “the end is in sight.” In October, Kyle Scott will take on this role, and in November Pris and I will move back to the Seattle area, where I anticipate serving in a new ministry. (No, I’m not retiring. Not yet.)

Kyle and I have been blessed to engage in an intentional leadership transition process. I have found it especially meaningful to review with Kyle the developments of the last six years. The Lord has been faithful to us through a wide variety of challenges: changes in how we are governed and organized, historic shifts in our access to other parts of the world, the launch of our Discipleship House for young adults, and, of course, navigating our ministries through a global pandemic. With all glory to God, there is a place for looking back when passing the baton of leadership, but it is more important, I believe, that we look forward!

Looking ahead, there is much for us to do! The world around us may change, but our Lord’s directive remains the same: “make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:18) The Good News that reconciles all people to their Creator has spread around the globe in amazing ways, but still thousands of “nations” wait. The needs are great! Just over three years ago, the WMPL Board of Directors recast our vision for how we will address those needs. They prayerfully crafted our “Ends Policies,” which are admittedly lofty, yet clearly biblical goals that give aim to all of our labors.

Now, as we look toward to the future that God has in mind for us, and as Kyle prepares to take the leadership baton and run with it, we very much want these ends in sight! I hope that you, too, as a praying partner within the Prayer League, will have these ends in sight, and especially in your prayers. “Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith…” (Hebrews 12:1-2 ESV)

The chief “end” of the World Mission Prayer League is that God is glorified and all people participate in His Kingdom. With that as our primary motivation, we want to see…

1. Believers and communities of believers in the Americas and elsewhere live out their roles in the great commission.

Naturally, we understand praying for the advance of God’s Kingdom among those least reached as something to which every Christian is called. Facilitating this, however, is increasingly challenging as the North American church undergoes seismic shifts. We are pursuing new ways to engage our members, upgrade our communications, connect with interested churches, and bolster participation in our prayer events. Our efforts to disciple young adults in Commissioned Living and help them discern their calling to Kingdom harvest work has expanded. Already in its second year, our Discipleship House is at full capacity. Praise God! Please pray. The “ends” are in sight!

2. Populations with limited or no access to the Gospel experience the love of Christ.

We believe we are especially called to make sure the gift of the Gospel makes its way to people groups wherein it’s never been heard. We want them to experience the love of Jesus, hear of and receive his salvation, and be discipled in indigenous communities of faith. With new difficulties of obtaining access in many places where we have previously served, God has led us to adapt. He appears to be giving us new ways of placing Kingdom workers, and new places to place them! Increasing numbers of our workers divide their year between overseas work and home staff. Additionally, by the end of this year we may see assignments or plans for assignments in as many as five new fields! Yes, the ends are in sight! Pray!

3. Majority World partner churches and ministries are equal and respected collaborators in mission.

Our partnerships around the world are becoming an increasingly important part of God accomplishing his purposes through our fellowship. Guided by carefully prepared documents of shared understanding and goals, we engage through vital leadership roles with a number of ministries with whom we actually no longer have full time workers. We see national leaders stepping up, and they desire our counsel and encouragement. Similarly, some are welcoming our help in mobilizing their own communities for discipleship initiatives and prayer movements for the unreached. Here, too, the ends are in sight!

It’s exciting when the ends are in sight! Someday, when the Gospel has been shared with all nations, then the end will come (Matthew 24:14). Let us all continue working until that day…Let’s keep looking forward! It’s in sight!

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