The Lord Will Provide

"And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:19)

For the World Mission Prayer League, 2008 has been a year of financial extremes thus far. At the end of January I was pleased to report to you that the general fund had that highest balance that I had ever seen during my five years as business manager. At that time we finished the month with $161,000 in the general fund. With that wonderful start to the year we were able to pay full allowances each month through June. Then in July the general fund was $20,093 short of the amount needed for full allowance, and in August the general fund was $45,835 short. The shortfall in August was the largest I had ever seen, though just by a little.

These wild fluctuations in our general fund balance tend to remind me of the testimonies of God’s faithfulness that I so often hear within our fellowship. Time after time, I am amazed to hear WMPL home staff, missionaries, and praying members testify about how God has always provided through the years. No matter if we have plenty, like earlier this year, or if funds are scarce, like right now, the message is constantly: “God will provide.” And it has been true! God has always provided.

For my own part, I recall when my family and I were serving in Mexico and had received full allowance payments during our first couple of years there. Money was a little tight for us at that time and we could not easily absorb a large cut in allowance. then one day we received $500 from some friends of ours who had not connection with WMPL and had not idea that our wages were not guaranteed. Within the next couple of days, we learned that our next monthly allowance payment was going to be $500 less that the normal due to short allowances. During our very first month of experiencing short allowances, God provided for us from another source! Others have had their needs met through non-financial blessings. The many stories I have heard vary in the details, but the main theme is the same: Our God will meet all of our needs.

Although God promises ot meet our needs, he also calls on us to pray. Please pray with me this month that God will continue to meet all of the needs of WMPL as an organization and of each individual member.