Is the Lord Calling You?

I heard a new word recently: administrivia. As you might imagine, this word was used by one of those bright, dynamic, no nonsense, leadership gurus. These individuals have no time for the seemingly unimportant bits of data and details that actually keep their leaky boats afloat. They like to stand at the helm, gaze into the future and plot the course. But someone must trim the sails, patch the holes and feed the crew.

Doctors, nurses and teachers have long recognized their usefulness in serving the Lord as global workers. Have you, as a business person, or an accountant or a lawyer, considered that he may be calling you as well?

As the apostle Paul mentions in 1 Corinthians 12:28, administration is a necessary part of the church and missions, but it is often overlooked. Global workers have always been involved in building and operating schools and hospitals, and in a variety of community development projects. In this age of strategic access these endeavors continue to be an integral part of missions. Having people with professional training and experience in things like accounting, business management, human resource development, and business law enables these endeavors to be efficient and effective. This becomes critical as these institutions become successful and grow. Trained professionals are also very helpful in training up national leadership to eventually take over.

Currently, there are opportunities to serve in several hospitals and schools with the Prayer League or its partnering organizations. We also need someone skilled and experienced in business management and/or accounting to join Ann and me in the business office. I am of retirement age, and although I do not plan on retiring in the foreseeable future, that time will eventually come. It would be prudent to have someone learning the systems now in order to be ready when that time comes. Please join us in praying that the Lord will call someone with the necessary skills and a heart for missions.

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