St. Luke’s Goes On!

St. Luke's Theological College opening ceremony in Bor
St. Luke’s Theological College opening ceremony in Bor

One of our newest African involvements is located in the world’s newest country, South Sudan, christened on July 9, 2011. The last half of 2013 revealed the rapid development of St. Luke’s Theological College in Bor, the capital of Jonglei State – both in terms of physical infrastructure and in terms of curriculum development for several programs of study at the certificate level.

Chaos broke out throughout the country in mid-December, as you have likely heard reported in the international press. Much violence was centered in Bor itself. Within days most of the students of St. Luke’s had fled into the bush, and Prayer League worker Matthew was evacuated via U.S. military transport to Nairobi. Thankfully, his wife Achol and young son Emmanuel had made their way to Nairobi some days earlier.

Matthew remained in telephone contact with the Managing Director back in Bor and reported to us on the last day of December: “All the furniture such as mattresses, chairs, computers, projector… have been taken. Furthermore, our security guard’s body was found dead.”

The future can be uncertain in light of such loss and devastation, but Matthew is determined to wade through the destruction to reach God’s preferred future. He observed that rebel forces may have “taken over” the campus once occupied by St. Luke’s students in Bor. “But they have not taken St. Luke’s,” he insisted. “St. Luke’s means teaching the Bible. We can take that anywhere in the world; it does not depend upon a campus. St. Luke’s goes on!”

Matthew was quickly drawn to ministry opportunities in refugee camps – even among his previous students. He arrived at Adjumani Refugee Camp in northern Uganda on January 15. There he saw children without parents and people without food, shelter or water. He saw children and adults without a word of hope or comfort. Since the people cannot come to the College in Bor at this time, Matthew is convinced that God is calling St. Luke’s to go to the people.

Students at St. Luke's
Students at St. Luke’s

“I can’t bring them water. I can’t provide much food,” Matthew explained. “But I can bring them the Word of God.”

Much has happened in the space of several months! St. Luke’s has lost its campus. What will it look like now without walls?

Please join us in prayer:

  • Pray for peace and reconciliation throughout South Sudan.
  • PRAISE! for the recently signed “hostilities cessation agreement.” Continue to pray for leaders of integrity for this new nation.
  • Ask the Father to protect and provide for those who are caught in the crossfire between warring factions. Give thanks for the relative safety available in neighboring countries where many have fled as refugees.
  • Pray for wisdom for William Obaga, stationed in Nairobi as our new Associate Director for Africa. Pray for God’s good direction.
  • Pray finally and often that God would use this fluid situation for the ongoing advance of the gospel.
This story draws from phone conversations between General Director Chuck Lindquist and Matthew from late December to mid-January.

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