Thrivent’s Giving Plus?

I would like to take a moment this month to remind you of WMPL’s participation in Thrivent’s GivingPlus program.

Giving Plus

GivingPlus gives Thrivent members the opportunity to supplement their donations to the Prayer League. Here is how the program works. When a member of Thrivent makes a donation to a qualifying ministry – such as our own – Thrivent will supplement the donation by $1 for every $2 donated. Thrivent will contribute a maximum of $300 per member per year. That means that Thrivent members who have donated $600 to WMPL over the year can apply for a $300 supplemental donation!

If you contribute to WMPL frequently you may submit the GivingPlus forms multiple times through the year. If you prefer, you could submit one form for several donations – or for the total amount of all donations through the year. Remember that Thrivent will only award up to the $300 maximum supplement in every calendar year. If you and your spouse are both members of Thrivent, you may each request up to $300 of matching funds.

WMPL became a qualifying ministry with this program during the latter months of 2005. Last year, Thrivent donated $12,695 to WMPL as a direct result of 78 donors submitting the one page form to our office. This year we hope that more of our donors will take advantage of the program – our first full year enrolled in the GivingPlus program.

If you would like to have your donation supplemented by Thrivent you will need to complete a simple one page GivingPlus Member Gift Form. You will find the form at, or at For more information or a printed version of the form you may give me a call (612-871-6843) or drop me a line (