Does Anyone Want to See My Resume?

Have you ever felt like you were not qualified for something to which the Lord was calling you? The Bible is full of extraordinary examples of people (like Moses, Rahab, David, Peter) God chose to use even though they were not exactly “qualified.” Please let me be the first to say: “I am not qualified for the role of Interim Administrative Director, but I pray God will equip me.”

I am so grateful for all the prayers for the staffing needs in the business office. Betty is an answer to those prayers – and she is qualified! Betty has a love of numbers and a love for our Lord. I am so grateful for her response to the Lord’s call on her life in this season.

Terry and Ann’s faithful service and example in the business office are an enormous blessing. We know we have big shoes to fill. I am thankful for Ann training Betty, who will be taking over for her as she retires at the end of December.

The reality is that we need your continued prayers as we move forward. We are still understaffed and have a lot to learn. Our capacity is already maxed out, and there is still much to be done. As we continue to grow into our roles, I am seeing the weight of responsibilities that others have carried faithfully for many years. Terry and Ann had the workload of at least three full-time staff! Moving forward we need to reduce workloads, increase capacity, and have more people serve in the business office.

Betty and I definitely feel called by the Lord to this task. Please pray that we are fit to fulfill his purposes. We need wisdom from the Lord to learn how to simplify our systems and make them run more efficiently and effectively. We need endurance, strength, and grace to do the work that needs to be done – and to let go of the work that doesn’t! We need help to empower and train others to work alongside us.

One of the things that I love about WMPL is our dependent trust in our Lord to provide. I can see his hand in calling Betty and me to this office for this season. Please continue to pray with us as we learn how to do our jobs for his glory.

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