Bearing One Another’s Burdens

One of the great joys of being in my current role in the home office has been seeing first-hand the amazing level of caring and generosity reflected among our community of fellow brothers and sisters. Countless times, I see how our fellowship steps in solidarity and unity toward a specific need. I see this level of commitment for one another, among our fellow workers and within our broader fellowship of praying partners.

When we think about sharing, we sometimes find ourselves thinking only in terms of financial or material sharing. Not that sharing financially or materially is not a sincere and legitimate way of caring for one another, but it is certainly not the only way to share. Our commitment to sharing and caring for one another goes beyond the material aspect. Article 145 of the Prayer League’s Handbook states: “Sharing is part of the Prayer League way. We understand ourselves called as a community to “bear one another’s burdens” (Galatians 6:2 ESV) in faithful prayer before the throne of grace. We aim to share with one another – prayer concerns, spiritual and emotional support, material resources, and in other practical ways.”

Luther’s doctrine of the “priesthood of all believers” reminds us that we are called to bring the Word of God to one another, to pray for one another, to hear and encourage one another, to exhort one another in truth and in love and to serve one another, the same way Christ offered himself for us. Paul writes in his letter to the Romans to “offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God – this is your true and proper worship.” (Romans 12:1 NIV)

Once again, I am happy to report that all workers were able to receive full allowances and benefits in the month of July. Moreover, we did not see the need to resort to the use of Estate Funds approved by our Board of Directors to supplement for shortfalls. We thank and praise the Lord for his faithfulness and provision. We thank and praise the Lord for calling us to bear one another’s burden so that the glory of the Lord can be on display. We thank and praise the Lord for inviting us to be part of his Kingdom and to partake in his mission to spread his Good News of salvation with those who have yet to hear it.


ALLOWANCE: Designated Support Funds: $43,225
General Support Fund: $17,853
Transfer from General Fund$16,692
BENEFITS: Designated Support Funds: $28,922
Transfer from Estate Fund: $18,341
Donations to Benefits Fund: $75
Number of full-time worker units: 30
Worker Units with 100% allowance30
Minimum allowance provided: 100%
Allowance not paid:$0

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