Continue to Wait With Expectation

During the season of Advent we focus on a time of waiting. We wait for Christ, the greatest gift to humanity, to be revealed to the world. The year 2020 was a year of waiting for many of us in other ways as well – waiting for our lives to return to a state of normalcy, waiting to see our families and friends in person, waiting for a vaccine. My hope is that we continue to wait with great and eager expectation for Jesus Christ our Savior to be revealed to all of humanity.

There are many people in the world who have yet to hear of this Savior. They are in places that take a new kind of creativity to reach. As we look ahead in the World Mission Prayer League, we know that we need to
make changes and remain creative so that we can continue sending those who feel called to the least reached people in the world.

Much of what we do in the business office deals with putting things in order to be able to send our workers into places of the world that are needing to hear the message of the gospel. In order to send our workers a lot of time needs to be spent on administrative tasks. I am happy to report that we are continuing to talk with someone who feels called and is gifted in administration. Please pray with us that those who are in the business office now and those who join in the future will have the insight, wisdom and inspiration needed for the calling. Pray that we will see new ways forward. Pray that we can participate in Jesus’ coming to the ends of the earth.

Another aspect of Advent is to remember that our Lord has already come! What a joy and peace we can walk in, knowing he is here in our midst, God with us! As I look back on the past year, I am reminded that God has already been faithful. He has used your gifts and prayers to support and encourage our workers throughout the world. People in many places have experienced this joy and peace in new ways. Thank you for being a part of Emmanuel – God with us – coming to all nations!

Happy New Year!

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