General And Support funds

What is the difference between the “General Fund” a “Support Fund” and a “Ministry Fund”? These
are a few of the options available when a supporter wants to make a financial contribution to the work of the World Mission Prayer League. In last month’s article, I described how a worker’s Fielding Costs are calculated, and how we recently made that information available for each of our workers. In this article I will attempt to explain the different options for designating to general and support funds to cover various expenses. The four most common designated funds are the General Fund, the General Support Fund, a specific worker’s Support Fund, and a specific worker’s Ministry Fund.

Organization Wide Funds

General Fund: The General Fund covers ongoing, organization-wide expenses, including utilities, rent, office administrative expenses, printing, telephone, internet services, and membership dues with partner agencies. When available, the General Fund may also be used to help make up shortages in worker allowances when their Support Funds are inadequate.

General Support Fund: The General Support Fund is also used to make up shortages in worker allowances when their Support Funds are inadequate. Unlike the General Fund, however, the General Support Fund is dedicated to worker Fielding Costs, and is not used for other organization-wide expenses.

Worker Specific Funds

Support Funds: A worker’s Support Fund covers monthly allowance, benefits and housing for a specific worker and their family. At times, a worker’s Support Fund may be inadequate to cover the monthly amounts. In these cases the General Support Fund and/or General Fund may be used to make up the difference if funds are available. In the event that both Specific Worker and General Funds are insufficient, worker allowances are shorted.

Benefits and housing costs are never shorted. Any shortfall in benefits is made up from the Estate Fund, which is supplied primarily though supporters who have planned their giving by arranging for a special contribution through their life estate.

Ministry Funds: A Ministry Fund covers a worker’s ministry-related expenses, including language study, “start-up” costs, continuing education, office expenses, and prayer letters. This fund is also used for travel to and from the place of assignment and children’s education expenses, including tuition, boarding costs, and educational materials. Ministry Funds are available to workers as God supplies through generous supporters. They are not supplemented by any other sources.


ALLOWANCE: Designated Support:$45,855
General Support:$36,558
BENEFITS: Designated Support:$46,366
Transfer from Estate Fund:$19,765
Donations to Benefits Fund:$75
Number of full-time worker units:37
Minimum allowance provided:100%

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