How Gifts Are Distributed

We have so much to be thankful for as an organization! Over the last month several people have come forward to help in the business office in direct answer to your prayers. We are gaining much needed capacity through the addition of a volunteer who is helping run and build reports, as well as help from two of our home office staff. We also have interest from someone to take over as Administrative Director so my family and I can return to the field hopefully in June! Please continue to pray with us for these people and others God may be calling to join WMPL home staff.

We continue to have faith for the Lord to provide for the needs in our organization. We desire to clearly share with you how we are using the funds that the Lord has entrusted to us through your generous gifts. So, here is the backstory of the numbers printed monthly in this article.

When a gift comes in designated for a specific worker, 100% of those funds go to that worker; 52% goes to the allowance and the other 48% goes to pay for that worker’s benefits such as insurance, retirement and housing. When someone donates to the General Support Fund, that gift is also divided 52% to allowances and 48% to benefits, to be used for workers who do not have full designated support. If there is still a shortfall in the amount needed to pay for all worker benefits, we draw from our Estate Fund to cover those benefits. This year to date the Estate Fund has subsidized $195,000 of the benefits packages for our workers.

On the allowance side, for those who do not receive full designated support, we draw from our General Support Fund (as noted above) and/or WMPL’s General Fund to help make up the shortfall. If those funds are not available, however, then some of our workers receive short allowances. Praise God, we have not needed to pay short allowances since 2018! We pray this will continue.

We have a great need as an organization to partner with the next generation of pray-ers, givers and goers to remain viable. We are so thankful for the sacrificial gifts and prayers of all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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