New Seasons

We are told in Genesis that the changing of the seasons will never cease. However, observing the weather this year in Minnesota may have given you some doubt about that. It seemed as if the season was stuck on winter.

But, praise God! Spring has finally arrived. I noticed that the first thing as I went outside Saturday morning. It was just simply nice outside. I took a deep breath and neither froze my lungs nor sucked in a bunch of flying creatures. It was invigorating! Spring is certainly the best season of the year here in Minnesota.

We have also entered a new season in the Prayer League’s Business Office. Like the highway department, we can call our new season “Under Construction.”

Last month we began the process of upgrading our computer system to the latest in accounting and database software. For the last six weeks or so we have been working on the learning and design phases, which have meant long hours for us, but so far little inconvenience for you.

Unfortunately, as we move into the implementation phase, you may start noticing some changes and experience some inconveniences. The conversion process will require that we stop the old database before we can start the new. During this time we will have to manually process your gifts, which may result in a delayed acknowledgement. We hope this will be for only a couple of weeks. If you encounter any difficulty, or need to confirm your gift was received, please give us a call.

The new database software and accounting software come from the same provider and are therefore able to integrate. This integration will simplify our internal processes and reduce our operating costs. Also, once the new systems are fully implemented, they will provide more detailed and timely reporting and enable our workers to see and acknowledge your support promptly.

Please pray for us as we go through this process, and please be patient with us during this time. We greatly appreciate your support.

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