Our Lord Has Answered!

God has been so faithful in answering your prayers. A few months back I made the request for prayer for a new Administrative Director so that my family and I would be able to return to our field of service. I am happy to report that our Lord has answered our prayers in wonderful ways! Starting in March we will bring on a new Administrative Director who has a strong administrative gift set. I cannot even begin to express to you my excitement in this!

I am happy that our Lord has chosen to use me in this role for a season of “standing in the gap” until his perfect timing made it clear who would be taking this position full time. In many ways I should not be surprised about this method. When we as an organization send our workers into the field, we are prayerful that as we go and share the Word, his sons and daughters will be revealed. As this happens, we make every effort to equip those new believers and get out of the way so they can lead others to the Lord. We stand in the gap for a time until those who are called take their true places. What a gift to participate in his Kingdom in this way.

We continue to pray and wait for our Lord to provide a little more help in our business office with some bookkeeping tasks. We are looking for someone who knows our Lord, has some understanding of basic accounting and bookkeeping, has 10-20 hours a week availability, and feels called to serve our organization and workers. Would you continue to lift this up to the Lord on our behalf? We are so blessed and encouraged by your prayers!

Thank you for your continued partnership in prayer and financial support. I am happy to report that all of our workers received full monthly support throughout the entire year of 2020, thanks to the faithful praying and sacrificial giving of so many of you. We continue to depend on your gifts and prayers in order to reach the ends of the earth with the message of the gospel. Thank you for your role as you participate in the advancement of the Kingdom of God! May the Lord continue to lead each of you to take part in the unique role to which he has called you.

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