Seeking God’s Wisdom

What would you ask for if you knew God would give you anything you wanted? Would you request wealth, health, peace of mind, a long life, or some kind of prominent position?

When God appeared to Solomon in a dream and allowed him to ask for whatever he wanted, Solomon asked for wisdom. God was so pleased with his request that he not only made Solomon the wisest person who ever lived, but also blessed him with great wealth and a long life. (see 1 Kings 3)

You might be aware of our upcoming Finance Retreat in July. Our Finance Committee, along with some US and Canada Home Staff, are planning a retreat to review our historic foundation and principles, study the Scripture and address important questions related to our finances. But ultimately, we are seeking God’s guidance and wisdom! While finances do not drive our mission and vision, they do have an impact upon many aspects of our organization including how we make decisions and seek to fulfill our Ends Policies.

We are considering Big Questions. How should we better steward the funds that God has already provided for the future of the Prayer League? We have been carefully analyzing our finances from the past five years or more to have a clearer picture of our current financial status. How do we accurately and appropriately paint that trending picture, and how do we respond to that changing picture?

We will review the Prayer League’s understanding of “non-solicitation” and “non-fundraising.” How do we better communicate and encourage prayer and praise for God’s provision and the work that he is doing through the Prayer League? What are our current financial practices and what might we do differently or better? Do our financial practices reflect well our priorities and those of our “Ends Policies”? These are some of the Big Questions we are considering. This is not an easy process: it requires much self- examination and grace-filled discussion.

You, our praying warrior, partner and supporter, are an essential member of the Prayer League community. You play a crucial role in the fulfillment of the vision and mission of the World Mission Prayer League. Thank you for your continued prayerful support: please join us in prayer for God’s guidance and wisdom during this retreat.


ALLOWANCE: Designated Support: $42,665
General Support: $2,377
Transfer from General Fund$16,199
Transfer from Estate/Redesignated Funds$9,498
BENEFITS: Designated Support: $29,532
Transfer from Estate/Redesignated Funds: $19,298
Donations to Benefits Fund: $75
Number of full-time worker units: 30
Worker Units with 100% allowance13
Worker Units with minimum allowance17
Minimum allowance provided: 80%
Allowance not paid:$(6,913)

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