Thrivent Choice

Over the last four years we have benefited from GivingPlus®, Thrivent Financial’s matching gift program. Late last year Thrivent announced that the program would conclude at the end of 2009 and be replaced by a new program called Thrivent Choice. This new program is now under way.

How it works

Thrivent Choice is different from GivingPlus® in a couple of ways. In the previous program all Thrivent members were able to participate. This is not the case with the new program. In order to participate in Thrivent Choiceyou must have a Thrivent contract (e.g., insurance, annuity, health savings, etc.) worth more than $20,000 in value or an annual premium of greater than $800. If you do meet these requirements, you will soon receive a letter from Thrivent explaining the details of the program and how to participate. Second, Thrivent Choiceis not a “matching gift” program. It is a program designed to give members the ability to direct Thrivent’s charitable outreach funds to their favorite Lutheran charities. Thrivent calls these funds Choice Dollars. The amount of Choice Dollarswhich eligible members can direct to Lutheran charities ranges from $25 to $500 and is directly related to both the value and annual premium of contracts held Thrivent. This amount is not at all dependent on donations made directly to WMPL.

How to participate

Eligible members can direct their allotted amount of Choice Dollars to WMPL in two different ways. A quick phone call to Thrivent will do the trick. Their number is 1-800-THRIVENT. You will first need to say “Thrivent Choice” to the automated answering service and then you will be able to talk to a live operator. You may also make your selection online at The total amount of Choice Dollarsthat a member can direct to their favorite charities may grow each quarter. When you call Thrivent, they will let you know if you are able to direct the full amount of Choice Dollars all at once or if you will have more Choice Dollars to direct later in the year. Either way, all Choice Dollars must be allocated before March 31, 2011. Any Choice Dollars directed to WMPL will be deposited into our account on the fifth day of the following month.

If you have questions about Thrivent Choice, please feel free to contact me by e-mail or by phone 612.871.6843. You may also contact Thrivent directly.

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