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Thrivent Financial recently announced that they will be discontinuing the GivingPlus program and will be replacing it with a program called Thrivent Choice. GivingPlus will continue to operate through the end of 2009.

GivingPlus is a supplementary gift program available to members of Thrivent. Through it, Thrivent contributes one dollar to the Lutheran ministry of the donor’s choice (up to a maximum of $300) for every two dollars contributed. WMPL began participating inGivingPlus in the fall of 2005. Since that time we have received over $170,000 from Thrivent. This program has been a tremendous blessing to us, one of the many ways God has provided during the past four years. I’m grateful to Thrivent for their partnership. I’m also grateful to all of you who have taken advantage of this program while contributing.

The phasing out of GivingPlus does not mean that Thrivent will not longer partner with us. Thrivent informed me that WMPL will be eligible to participate in the new program, Thrivent Choice. The particulars of this program are not yet finalized, but there are a few things I can tell you at this time:

  1. Thrivent Choice will begin in the spring of 2010.
  2. With GivingPlus, the amount that Thrivent matched depended directly on the amount that a Thrivent member donated. Under Thrivent Choice that amount given to WMPL will depend on the donor’s relationship with Thrivent rather than the specific amount donated. Holding a Thrivent life, health, or annuity product, or leadership in a local Thrivent chapter are examples of a relationship with Thrivent.
  3. Thrivent members will choose the ministry to which they want charitable funds directed, via the Thrivent Web page or by telephone. There will be not forms to complete.
  4. The average amount that Thrivent members can direct to a charity will be between $25-$100.

So what should you do?

Use the GivingPlus program until it is discontinued.  The GivingPlus program will continue until December 31, 2009. If you are still eligible to take advantage of it this year, please do so. You can find a gift form at

Participate in the Thrivent Choice program. If you have been participating in GivingPlus, you will want to participate in the new program also. Participation details are not yet available. As soon as that information is released, I will pass it on to you.

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