What Busy Summer Days!

We hope you are enjoying your summer! We surely are at the home office. June was packed with back-to-back activities: Board of Directors quarterly meeting; WMPL Annual Meeting; Mount Carmel Family Camp; WMPL Orientation Weeks (WOW) for candidates and inquirers; in-person Ask for the Nations. All have provided opportunities to gather with fellow workers and members of our praying community to reconnect, encourage one another, share about our ministries, and worship and praise our Lord together. What a blessing it is to be part of the Prayer League!

While June was busy, July does not slow down for the Business Office. Thank you for your prayers for our July Finance Retreat. We had a good number of participants from both our Canadian and US offices. We had a blessed weekend filled with important discussions, reflection and much prayer. We reaffirmed our commitment to prayerful stewardship, our full dependence on God and his provision, and our call to commissioned living.

As in previous years, the last week of July will see auditors from an independent audit company come to our Business Office to conduct a financial audit. As per the audit’s engagement letter, the audit will include examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures of the financial statements we provide. The audit will also describe the financial environment of the Prayer League, including its internal controls, identifying any weaknesses or risks in its procedures. We invite you to join us in prayer for the appropriate response to what they might suggest.

Many of you have been praying for the Prayer League finances, specifically for the shortage in allowances we have been experiencing in the past few months. I am happy to report that all workers were able to receive full allowances in the month of June. This was made possible due to a combination of an administrative decision to use a portion of undesignated funds along with some Estate Funds approved by the Board of Directors to supplement shortfalls.

And of course, your generous gifts made a big impact upon the overall financial outcome last month. We thank you for your continued support and, most importantly, we thank you for your continued prayers for the World Mission Prayer League. Praise our Lord for his faithfulness and provision!


ALLOWANCE: Designated Support Funds: $40,216
General Support Fund: $3,887
Transfer from General Fund$33,650
BENEFITS: Designated Support Funds: $24,404
Transfer from Estate Fund: $21,849
Donations to Benefits Fund: $75
Number of full-time worker units: 30
Worker Units with 100% allowance30
Minimum allowance provided: 100%
Allowance not paid:$0

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