The Work Continues

I would like to thank everyone for your prayers and steadfast support for the Prayer League as we reach out to all people with the gospel of Christ. As I look around, I see an increasing need to embrace the truth of the gospel. It really is good news! Our families and churches should be the vehicle God uses to embrace the truth of the gospel and carry it to the world. The question remains, are we willing to be ambassadors for Christ wherever we find ourselves? Are we willing to be his body, to live sacrificially for our neighbors, to pray with earnestness, and to give of our time, energy and resources? Is the command to follow Christ still relevant and needed today?

We at WMPL have seen how, over the last 80 years, he has been faithful in transforming countless lives as we follow him to the ends of the earth. God has more than provided, despite times of hardship, want and trouble that many of our workers have faced. (Remember, Christ did not promise any of us comfort in this world!) Who will be the next generation who prays, goes and supports? God is raising up a new generation of workers for the harvest. He is already preparing them. How will we participate in encouraging, leading and commissioning them to pray, go and support?

If you are reading this, and you are over 40 years old, I am commissioning you to find someone under 40 and pray with them through these pages. I am convinced that our Lord wants us to share, and to learn and grow in praying. I am also convinced that the next generation of workers is ready to begin!

By God’s grace, and through your prayers and sacrifice, all WMPL workers were 100% supported this month. With current giving trends, we estimate that allowances will be at 100% through the end of the year. Most of our workers receive supplemental support through our general fund, whereas in times past more were supported directly through churches and individuals contributing to their personal support funds. In the business office, we are praying about how we can best serve continuing generations of workers and senders. Please pray with us for wisdom in these decisions.

Also, please pray for more help in the business office. We are still understaffed. Specifically, we need another accountant and someone to start working alongside me and take my place by June so I can return to the field. Thank you for your faithful prayer and support!

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